I was walking in the town and it made the people frown, diarrhoea! Diah


cover art by Anne Sudworth


  PROLOGUE: Ma Bohème, Arthur Rimbaud; Arthur Rimbaud Collected Poems, Arthur Rimbaud, ed Oliver Bernard; Penguin Books, London 1962

                      '-Mes étoiles au ciel avaient un doux frou-frou...'

  CHAPTER ONE: SWEETNESS AND LIGHT: Matthew Arnold, Selected Prose, Penguin Classics, ed. P.J. Keating, Penguin   Books, London, 1970; Culture and Society In Britain 1850-1990 ed J.M.Golby OUP (in association with The Open   University)1986; Down The Highway: The Life Of Bob Dylan, Howard Sounds, Random House, NY, 200; Greil Marcus,   The Basement Tapes; John Ruskin (lecture at the London Institution feb 1884) The Storm Cloud of the Nineteenth   Century'; Brantwood House, the guide.

                      '...The neighbouring town of Woodstock had been a haven for creative people since 1902
                      when followers of British philosopher John Ruskin, a leading figure in the Arts and Crafts
                      Movement, assisted in the growth of a burgeoning artistic community...'

  CHAPTER TWO: UNMASKED: (Music Credits) AMERICAN BEAUTY, The Grateful Dead; DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, Greatest   Hits; The Great Rock Discography, 5th ed.; Martin Strong, Mojo Books, 2000

             'There's this plate glass window saying throw a chair at me...'   Noel Gallagher attr. circa 1992


  CHAPTER THREE: CAR PARK BARBIE: News from Nowhere, William Morris, Kelmscott Press 1892; William Morris, His   Life, Work and Friends, Philip Henderson, André Deutsch, 1977; William Morris, His Life And Work, Stephen Coole,   Garmond Publications, London 1990; Nature Magazine Building, Regent Canal (and all who sail in her); The English   Dreamers, ed. David Larkin; Pan Books, London, 1975


  CHAPTER FOUR: THE GROVE: Led Zeppelin, From Early Days to Page and Plant, Ritchie Yorke (revised edition)   Virgin   Books, London, 1999; The Avebury Monuments, Department of the Environment Official Handbook, the Late   Faith de   M.Vatcher and Lance Vatcher, HMSO 1976; The Ancient Celts, Barry Cunliffe, OUP 1997; The Bone Cave   at Alveston,  Time Team investigations; the Qu'ran A.J Arberry, The Koran Interpreted;South Lakes Wild Animal   Park,Dalton, Lancashire; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Wm Shakespeare; Tim Albery; and special thanks from Ann Halam, on location, to the people of Swadlincote, S. Derbyshire (check out the   ponds, they're really pretty). 



CHAPTER FIVE: LITHIUM: Going Inside -A Tour Round a Single Moment of Consciousness by John McCrone
 UK -Faber & Faber, 1999, 368 pages, ISBN 0-571-17319-5; Mapping The Mind, Rita Carter, Weidenfield & Nicolson,   1998; Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes, Published by Harcourt Brace (1966) (Check out Daniel Keyes' homepage);   Croyde beach, Devon; Le Morte D'Arthur, by Sir Thomas Malory, Everyman edition, 1906; 'Scarlet Begonias' by Robert   Hunter, (The Grateful Dead, Live At The Mars Hotel, 1974); Lyric quoted by kind permission of Ice Nine Publishing   Company


  CHAPTER SIX: ONE OF THE THREE: Uncle Vanya, Anton Chekov; new edition by David Lan, Methuen Drama, Random   House, 1998; LORD JIM, JOSEPH CONRAD; Mistress of Mistresses, E.R. Eddison, Ballantine Books, New York, 1967;   special thanks to Patrick & Leon Charleton et al for the lyrics to the Diarrhoea song.



  CHAPTER SEVEN: BIG IN BRAZIL#2: The Rough Guide To Amsterdam, ed Martin Dunford and Jack Holland, Rough   Guides, London, May 2000; The staff of the Troppenmuseum, Royal Tropic Institute, Amsterdam; Washington DC,   Laura Heger,  Lonely Planet Publications, 2001, The FDR Memorial Park



         ''Suddenly it struck him, with more force than the mellow hammer blow of the drug itself, that there was a problem here, a problem for the future.
         The third biggest economy in the world, or is it the second now? Are they going to let us in Europe get away with this legalise everything
         uncouple the drugs from the crime? They are not!...' BOLD AS LOVE, Gollancz 2001, p98


  CHAPTER EIGHT: THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIORINDA: Arthurian Romances (Everyman Library), Chretien De Troyes,   D.D.R. Owen (Translator), Everymans Library, October 1993, ISBN: 046087389X; 'The Scarlet House', Angela Carter,   in A Book Of Contemporary Nightmares, Michael Joseph; 'Green Tea' by Sheridan Lefanu, and 'The Facts In The   Case of M. Valdemar', Edgar Allen Poe, both collected in Great Tales Of Terror and the Supernatural, ed. Wise &   Fraser, London, Hammond and Hammond, 1947

     ''...the mortal and the immortal prematurely make acquaintance...'


  CHAPTER NINE: LOVE MINUS ZERO: NO LIMIT: My love she speaks like silence, without ideals or violence, Bob   Dylan, c. Warner Bros, 1965; The Ramayana; Walt Disney's Robin Hood (1973) . . . St Stephen with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes...

 CHAPTER TEN: THE ELEPHANT'S CHILD: Who, as you may remember, took a trip to the great greasy grey green  Limpopo river, to satisfy his 'satiable curiosity as to what crocodiles have for dinner, and came back evolved into a  new kind of animal. Rudyard Kipling, Just So  Stories. Other Sources for this chapter include, The Complete Book Of  Zen, Wong Kiew Kit, Random House 1998; One Robe, One Bowl, The Zen Poetry of Ryokan, tr & intro by John  Stevens, Weatherhill, NY, 1972; Cape Clear Island, its people and landscape, Éamon Lankford, Cape Clear Museum, Co. Cork; and the guide to Ross Castle,Co. Kerry.
Special thanks to Peter Gwilliam, Gabriel Jones, Bryan Talbot for another splendid frontispiece, Anne Sudworth for the beautiful cover art, Richard Gwilliam for terrific web support; Peta Orbach, in memory of a long strange night in the flat above PDF, which is memorialised in Fiorinda's battle at Drumbeg; Mary Talbot, Farah Mendlesohn (for Carling Weekend Hospitality and much more), Liz Sourbut, Andy Sawyer, Gillian Weale of the OUP; Mark (hope I spelled it right) Chadbourn;  the   SFF, Lisa   Tuttle, Sophie Masson; Rodger Turner, David Soyka, Trent Walters; to the Free Butt, Brighton; Concorde 2; the Carling    Weekend, Richfield Ave, Reading, The Lion, Reading (for unfailing good humour, and fried breakfast on a hangover); Ice Nine Publishing; Brantwood House, Coniston; Derbyshire   libraries; KIT Tropenmuseum, Linneusstraat 2 Amsterdam; to Pat and Neil   Mullineux of   Stockport,  to the staff at Brantwood House, Coniston;  to    Maxine     Morris, to my   parents,   to the staff of the Swiss   Inn and the kind people on the desk at the   Four Seasons,    Washington     DC; to Betty   Gwilliam and   Jim McLaughlin for the Irish   dialogue, and to the people of Baltimore and  Skull,    Co. Cork,    many of whom   were   quite civil to me  once we'd established that    inspite of my accent I was travelling with a    Derry man.


          And dedicated to the one and only, proto-rockstar, alchemist of the mind: that blue-eyed madman, infant monster-genius... Arthur Rimbaud 1854-1891

Castles Made Of Sand frontispiece, portraits by Bryan Talbot, www.bryan-talbot.com