1. Rue Morgue Avenue: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues.
                                                     Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited
. ....we found la vie en rose C'est ansi qu'coeur a coeur/On cueill', comme une fleur/Sous les toits de Paris, le bonheur".
                               the snow was falling fast but we were falling faster, gravity fails, and negativity won't pull us through

           2. The Doors Of Perception: Third Stone From The Sun,
                                                     Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced?         

....we landed our kinky machine just fine, but we have a feeling we're never going to hear surf music again,
          so it's also Green Day, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) Nimrod. It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. Yes.

             3. Small Ax: Small Axe,
                                                    Burnin', The Wailers

.....but there should be something big hair and country, we're among the landed gentry. Feeling like a  John Deere Tractor (words and music by Laurence Hammond) at this teaparty; The Judds

           4.Careless Love: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
                                                     A Saucer Full Of Secrets, Pink Floyd

...I don't really go for the Pink Floyd, I find that stuff formless, but they're the only band and this is the only track for lunatic anoraks building a jumblesale space programme, that is, if you can't afford the Dr Who theme. Ah, the fickle punters, once we couldn't keep you
from our door, now the apron strings won't pin, and we're undone by careless love...

            5.The Way It Is: Time Of The Preacher
                                                    Willie Nelson, Red-headed Stranger

...it was the time of the preacher, in the year of 01, and you probably think I shouldn't ref a callous rapist gangsta like Tupac Shakur, but admitting everything you say, I feel differently. Tupac Shakur, Greatest Hits: Changes. It takes skill to be real, I lost it. 

            6.Insanity: Is My Team Ploughing?
                                                Vaughan Williams, On Wenlock Edge (lyrics, Houseman, singer Ian Bostridge)

....Ghosts. Bostridge is pretty cool, but Long Black Veil always goes down well (MWilkins and D Dill, originally recorded by JCash); and The Bay Of Biscay, Eliza Carthy, Broken Ground. Also want to mention To Althea From Prison, Fairport Convention, Nine. Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage, we were okay, for a while, in our dank red chamber....

            7.The Walls: Sympathy For The Devil,
                                                  The Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet

... Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. ...Also Parcel of Rogues, Steeleye Span, Parcel of Rogues. I know it's the wrong way round, but the sentiment is damn right. We were bought and sold by English gold, farewell our ancient glory.

             8.Wood Court: Woodstock,
                                                   Joni Mitchell, Ladies Of The Canyon

                                                                                                                              ...the dying fall of summer's end

                  9.The Ploughshare and the Harrow: Black Peter,
                                                Grateful Dead, Working Man's Dead

See here how everything
leads up to this day
and it's just like any other day
that's ever been

              wait and see