One: Something In The Way
The animals I trapped have all become my pets, I'm living off of grass and the drippings from the ceiling... Oooh, Paradise! All ties severed, free and clear, we are butterflies,
soy mariposa. But if you've once been in the public eye, there's always someone around wants to try and break you on the wheel.... Lila Downs Arenita Azul Tree of Life.
Golden Oldie choice, Something In The Way, Nirvana, Nevermind

Two: Bears Discover Fire. (Crossing the Border..)
All the way the paper bag was on my knee, man I had a dreadful flight-
Back In The USSR. The Beatles White Album Disc 1 Track 1
Can't get away from The Beatles, now can you?

Three: Dead From the Waist Down#1 (Bandit Queens)
Can't Hold Us Down Christina Aguilera and Lil'Kim (Stripped)

Dunno what all that's about. Not being sexist, but I never think a woman looks comfortable in hotpants. So, back to my selections. Staying Together For The Kids, Blink 182, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. It's hard to wake up, when the shades have been pulled shut... They fuck you up, your mum and dad, sometimes to hell and back. But the music makes it better, so here's something to get you going from your head to your toes. Addicted To Bass, Puretone/Josh Abraham; 1998/2002 try here (be patient!) for the Melbourne outfit's legendary Mad Max video:                         

 Four: Dead From The Waist Down#2
Under The Bridge had to be in here somewhere and this seems like the spot.
Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner,Sometimes I feel like my only friend, is the city I live in, the city of Angels, Lonely as I am,Together we cry...
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Five: November Rain
There are many reasons not to call this episode November Rain, starting with it's happening in June, but somehow it had to be. How NOT to do it... Finally, my roots: the Guns'n'Roses tribute, and well deserved. But here's the one about Fiorinda: Patti Smith, Redondo Beach; Horses. Sad description, we were looking for you.
                                But you were gone gone.

November Rain, Guns'n'Roses, Use Your Illusion (1991)

Six:The Scientist                           
Relax! Don't do it...
and mind you shoot it in the right direction babe. The perfect track for a bizarre stadium rock finale. And nobody said it was easy, nyah, but we got there.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood; Welcome To The Pleasure Dome 1984/98


Seven: Desperados
Step On My Old Size Nines And I'll Take You Round; Sterephonics, Jeep. Maybe that sounds like a strange choice for the pocket armageddon feature, but it's what was on my mind. Going to get me a boy and a girl... And how about that Kelly Jones. Is he not cool? (Note, all dictators have a big lie. My outrageous whopper, I now feel free to confess, was when I made out the English had the music)

        Also, of course, Desperado, the Eagles track, country rock for a pair of amateur outlaws. Why don't you come to your senses, you been out riding fences for so long... Tell me about it.

Fiorinda's House
    Road tripping with my two favourite allies, fully loaded we have snacks and supplies. These smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun...
                                                Chili Peppers again, Californication

   She's Walking, Through The Clouds, With a circus mind that's running wild...
                                              Little Wing, Jimi Hendrix. I don't need the words, I'll have the long instrumental version (Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Nine: Precious Bane
The temptation is to try and finish with a cracker, but it's a sign of confidence when an album ends quietly, and it's right for our US tour to end with a gentle track, such as this one, which has associations, apparently, for my big cat... It's

Emmy Lou Harris, Songs Of The West


 For the ones who burn the Midnight Lamp, for the people we won't see again, and the desert places we won't forget... Goodbye, we're going home.