And now stop crying
Slide the knife between
Razor into there
Always be there,
however small it goes,
between the bleeding
space between screaming
where it doesn't matter
Live in the pain?

Who Knocks?

I think I hear a knocking
She's outside the door up there
I'd answer it but I'm afraid 'cos
She isn't breathing anymore

So fine hair across my blown across
My mouth, birdwing shining
magic mechanism moves so smooth,

Love is a contact sport, and it all blurs
you lose the details, I lost the details
skin comes off only blood and bone

I had to rearrange her

I think this thing in my hand, that I just eat,
dead meat

What if I should let her in?
What if I?


Venus, lo in the western sky
Can you see the green light?

That means go

Can you see
the colours
Of the stars?

Oats and Beans

Oat and beans and barley grow
Oats and beans and barley grow
Do you or I or anyone know
How oats and beans and barley grow?

Sparrow Child

Sleeping in doorways
I have been a sparrow child
I was hiding in your city because
Your world out there's so wild

Hiding in your ivy
I was up against the wall
When your wind came there to find me
I had nowhere left to fall

Come back little bird, come back little bird
No, no, never coming back at all

One half of the ring did young William show
She ran distracted and full of woe

The other's rolling, the other's rolling,
Beneath the deep dark sea

Every moment an embattled island
Nothing behind nothing before
Bubbles bursting on the cliff's edge
But I can live here
But I can live here