The White Forts

The huge Chinese "nano" forts that spring up like mushrooms over England were suggested to me by the techniques of the Norman Conquest. Cold heart and bloody hand now rule fair England, the traces that look romantic today were once a savagely effective intimidation.

tenniel fashion victims

     Home Truths

   "Being homeless ain't about not having a home, it's about something being seriously fxxing wrong..."
Personal bankruptcies in the UK are set to soar this year, millions of people are living with inescapable debt, a pay-cheque away from utter shipwreck. The drop-out hordes problem, a constant theme in Bold As Love, started with the obviously helpless, the outcasts, geezers who do much drugs, the underbelly of the Counterculture: but when there is no welfare state, no social services, no more cheap food, no further need for clueless consumers, what then? 


If everything was in working order, you could very nearly get from one end of England to the other, and from Wales to Suffolk, by the waterways. There's just a tiny link missing, in the heart of East Anglia

'twas the time of the preacher, in the year of 01...'

Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who knows? One day it may become a dragon!*

The Singapore connection again: when we lived in Pepys Road, we loved "The Water Margin", Japanese made for tv historical fantasy epic about Chinese outlaws becoming a rebel army. What was going on? We really had no idea. But such classy lip-sinc! Such bizarre dialogue!

* have to admit, this particular snake is still waiting


Eight Objects of Zhou Government
(the ancient Ideal)

1. Food

1 Wealth and Objects of convenience


4 public Works

5 Instruction

6 Punishment Of Crime

7 Courtesy to Guests

8 The army

Ideals are the reverse of the medal, they show you what people lack, and long for (cf Plato) but still, I like the Zhou order of priorities

Coppola in a Cold Climate?

Not so much Apocalypse Now, I feel; or Conrad. More J G Ballard, with the heat turned down.

Abandon to the Random!
Adapt to the Triassic!

but when you think it's all over, it's only begun...