There's a baby in the subway
She's sitting on a
piece of card
She wants your money
Nothing else from you
Your other offers leave her cold

you have left the babies stonecold
and we like it when its stonecold
we never want to live indoors no
more, no, more, indoors no more

Put it in your mouth
and drink it
Put it in your head
and keep you warm
We will take your sh*t
and eat it, and we don't want
no more from you



There's a baby in the subway
he likes to feel the
cold and rain
he likes to be out in a streetfright
getting killers for the pain
Your other offers leave him cold


Strange Kisses

You are so beautiful and strange to me
I never knew this could be love
If this were heaven I'd be dancing here
There is nothing more I want

Send our defiance
                        To the world out there
There is no fear of dying
                        In this game, in this game,
in this game

You are so clear and so mysterious
I know you but I cannot know
The life in you is not for me to see
How can I hold this in my arms?


You are so gentle and so strong to me
I came alive in your desire
You never tell me I just have to see
That you are everything I need


Scarlet Begonias (Garcia)
with Sage Pender

As I was walkin' through Grosvenor Square
Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air,
From the other direction, she was calling my eye,
It could be an illusion, but I might as well try, might as well try.

She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes.
And I knew without askin' she was into the blues.
She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls,
I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls.
                                      ( & so on: Live From The Mars Hotel)

(slight reprise)

Every moment an embattled island
Nothing behind nothing before
Bubbles bursting on the cliff's edge
But I can live here, only live here,

                 I can still live here



My first dress was red and wild
It screams to me
At the full moon
and in the night

A sheath of petal pink encloses me
Always want to cover it
I'm afraid
Of it tearing....

This band of gypsy warriors
Has braved the countryside
They are my dearest company
My pleasure and my pride
And no man
No man! (Or sweet loving woman-)
Can ever take their place

I was green when I was growing
wrapped in silk
and dirt and cobwebs
had a heart but barely showing-

I have worn blue
for madness
Burning off the end of colour
where the light's too short for seeing
and I'm afraid to follow


I have been yellow
like the sun
I have been silver
like the day's work done
And when they cut me
I have bled violets
on thefire



All through the day
I carry me around
Dancing with
The black dog
At my throat

But when I lie down
In this scrape of mental ground
Where I may hide
Through the stolen hours of darkness
Then I start living!

I move around
I'm up and down
I duck and dive
I'm everywhere
Oh I'm so full of life and action
On this thorny bed of freedom!

All through the day
I turn my head to see
The dead eyes
on that sad girl
where the hell you been?,
I ask her-


       ...this thorny bed of freedom
       is the best thing in my life

  Love (is like water)
                         Solo guitar, Ax Preston

Love is like water
It runs downhill
It takes the line
of least resistance

Love is like fire
It takes fuel to burn
There is no love
Withour a lover

Love is like air
It clings, it spins
It sinks down
to the deepest caverns
It climbs to the high mountains
Where we can't stay
Because the air up there
is so pure, no one can breathe it 

Love is like earth
It's a place to be buried
It's a shroud, in the dark
We're all going there,
back there,
                                   deep down

into the earth, into the fire
into the waters     



















Rest Harrow

I have seen birds in the bushes
I have heard the sweet birds sing
I have seen the maiden blushes
of the ploughboy and his girl

I have lain down in the hedgerow
Where the bold flowers come to feed
On the scraps from the rich man's table,
and running through the sheaves
I have heard the words she whispers
as he ploughs her

Let the sun come up tomorrow
Let the sun go down tonight
Let the ploughshare and the harrow
work and rest, work and rest
Let the ploughshare and the harrow
work and rest

I have seen the brown earth open
as the bright blade turns her over
I have seen the seed come leaping
like the owl that stoops the stubble
taking meat, taking and giving
I have heard the words she whispers
as he ploughs her

Let the sun come up tomorrow
Let the sun go down tonight
Let the ploughshare and the harrow
Work and rest
Work and rest

                 But that's all over
                              That's all over

Sugar Cane Bow

Sa, re, ga, ma
Pa, dha, ni!
Which god is notorious
In the neighbourhood?

Eh, it's the god of f**cking
And his sugar cane bow
oh, oh, oh
Sugar cane bow!

Sa, ga, pa, ni
dha, ma, re
Om is in the fires
Om is in the breath
Eh, but swaying on his lap
I hold all the rest
oh, oh, oh
Sugar cane bow
oh, oh, oh
Sugar Cane Bow!

My sweet lord of f**cking
And his sugar cane bow!

      lyric, after Gita Mehta, A River Sutra



The Lady With The Braid
(Dory Previn)

Would you care to stay til sunrise
It's completely your decision
It's just the night cuts through me like a knife...
                         (& so on: Iguanas & Kings)