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Castles 2008

layered cloud, moving towards twilight

Cracked it. Castles Made Of Sand, remastered, complete and unabridged. The file had got corrupted on disk, which does not bode well for my off-site storage but anyway, here's Castles, the 2008 edition, free online.


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Beth on :

Hope you don't mind me commenting, I just finished 'Castles Made of Sand' and loved it. I started reading it this morning and only put it down to eat. I'm from a town very close to Padstow in Cornwall and your descriptions of my favourite places have increased my affection for the books. Looking forward to reading the next one. The reading list in Bold as Love made me grin from ear to ear too. Thank you. :-)

Gwyneth on :

Thanks! Midnight Lamp free download coming soon. I'm glad you liked my fictional Cornwall. I tried to make my descriptions, nearly a decade ago now, future-proof. Of course you can't, but those places are survivors, so's the landscape. Did you know there's a Beast of Bodmin story (possibly a lame idea, but I couldn't resist) on my gwynethann page? The link on the index page is "Seven". The story's called Big Cat.

Beth on :

I'll check out the Beast of Bodmin story, thank you and for replying to my comment.

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