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bold as love is back

Wednesday 4th February 2009

Bright sun, clear sky, withered scraps of snow.

So, it's been a long break, a lot has happened, to me and to the world. We have a new US President, Bold As Love pre-conditions continue to propagate weirdly in the real world, while in Gaza, in Central Africa, in the Middle East etc. nothing damned well changes much. Sadly, I don't think there's any chance of a half-Sudanese guitarist from Taunton turning up at the Carlsberg Weekend & saving the day, but anyway that future is now in my past, as I do believe I had a new book out (didn't feel a thing). The garden birds of Spring have already begun to show: starlings whistling by my window, greenfinch and goldfinch colonies seem intact, goldcrests come to feed on the fronds of last year's buddleia (can't tell what they're eating) & I keep seeing, separately, a thrush and a male blackcap mooching around the big sycamore, hope they bring partners and decide to stay. And here's a new blog, set up for me by my webmeister, which of course I plan to personalise and make beautiful. . . it'll never happen, I'll live in it the way I found it, but at least I promise to restore the full texts downloads page, and the links to Bold As Love and my content site