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NS Doom and C4 Gloom, respectively

Friday 6th March, beautiful day, blue sky, bright sun, crisp air

Have read the doom laden Gaia Vince article about 4 degrees of warming. Thinks: okay, but something a bit hooky about this, something wrong with the tone, maybe? Almost malicious, and that's not the attitude. So I checked its fortunes on newscientist dot com. Sure enough, 280 comments and counting, almost without exception absolutely pointless, respondents evenly divided between idiots and bullies who might as well be scrapping over which end to attack a breakfast egg. Moderate these fools, New Scientist! Moderate about 90% of them off your over-heated page, until you find a level of sanity, it must be in there somewhere!

It's a shame about internet comments. It sounded like a good idea, but it really isn't, is it.

Have watched #1 of Red Riding. Obviously it's a misfortune, not a failing, that any police procedural set in 1974 is going to be haunted by Life On Mars, but I'm still not convinced. There are people who believe that style over substance is not a weakness if the style is gritty and grim. There's people knee-jerk reverently respectful of any show that acknowledges UK police brutality (well, okay, West Riding Police were famous for it at the time. . .) no need for any frills like plot, character, motivation. I'm not one of either of them.