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Four lions: Fools Rush In

May 20th, early morning mist swiftly burned off, a clear blue sky, a truly warm day shaping up.
Went to see Four Lions last night. The Duke's was stuffed, which was not the case for AGORA! I laughed, or snorted, occasionally, but I find I mainly agree with the uneasy reviews. It was funnier, much better acted, altogether a better product but in the end as jarring as Nathan Barley. I don't know. Maybe it's generational, or maybe the punters around me, relentlessly roaring with laughter all the way through, stopped me from seeing the virtue and profundity of this comic turn.

It's amazing what people will laugh at, esp the English. They get primed, they've been told it's cool to find something funny, so they laugh and they just go on laughing, without ever engaging brain, when all the laughter should stop, and silence should fall.

Six swifts hawking in the gulf of blue evening air last night. It's not enough for a screaming party, but better news of this year's migration on the Swiftwatch page.

Finally did that housekeeping on Gwynethann, the Wild Hearts correction, and updated the Books page to reflect current stocks.

That Volcano: The fallout has reached me! All the cheap advance fares to Manchester, in commuter hours, have been booked, through to August. Auggh. Oh well, I suffer but I'm compensated, domestic air travel has been judged not worth counting on.