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Asia Times reports Obama Saud pact (April Fool's Day links)

Saturday April 2nd, clear sunshine

I know I said I wasn't interested, but I couldn't help wondering. Obviously, the Libya rebels aren't dangerous to the status quo, not really, but the Sauds and the no-fly how does that work, so had to read this when it turned up:

And the cuts begin to bite. Last messages have reached me from the friends I made a few years ago in SET and other UK bodies. This is from the arts, just one of many casualties in retreat to the bunker of the virtual, art/comment magazine Mute.

Beautiful weather, but I'm home alone and intend to spend as much of the time as possible staying that way. I need some aloneness, away from the keyboard. Need to sort out a few knots, in the fertile calm induced by lying in bed, reading and partly reading, sustained by cups of tea.

Except I have to go on an expedition in search of a lost phone, not mine.