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The Storm's Tail

Monday 2nd July, grey skies, cool temperature, tossing air. No spectacular storms or floods here, no successive waves, we just seem to have become permanently lodged in the tail of the same big tropical-type storm, same conditions day after day. Is this summer as bad as 2007 was? Not yet, but I know it's colder.

Went out to see Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom last week, and liked it very much. I'm not totally sure about Wes Anderson, I found eg The Life Aquatic the wrong kind of whimsical for my taste, but this was really engaging. I think it was the two young leads who made it work, great kids, brilliantly directed. And the treasured library books that Suzy Bishop brought away with her. I can imagine doing that, at the same age, and in the same era. Does anyone remember a US children's writer called Elizabeth Enright? And her quirky stories of the Melendy children? Moonrise Kingdom kind of seemed like the Melendys, or Gone Away Lake (probably my favourite) only uncensored. Also watched the first episode of The Hollow Crown on the tv. it's not a Nordic detective serial, bit short of guns and car chases but it'll do. What a lot of blasted heaths and lonely shores! But I thought Ben Whishaw took a particularly good part, as Richard. Just the right combination of undeniable intelligence, insufferable charm, and defiant, trembling conceit. Great physical acting all round, too.

Anyway, I really wanted to post you this video appeal from Save The Children.

And this from 38 Degrees. You really should care about the government snooping plan. It unfolds. It's the private police force issue that worries me most.


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