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Thick Cloud, thick head

Wednesday 13th May thick cloud, wind has dropped.

Thick cloud lying low over the valley, from Roundhill to Racehill, and no doubt the whole of Brighton. The swifts came out to hawk about ten thirty, like pondskaters on a grey puddle, and now they're dots, far away in the gulf outside my window. King Death's Garden, (I never knew my storybook got a mention in the Festival tourguide talk: non omnis moriar, eh) now in full leaf, a richer green against the dull sky. I like this weather, damp May much better than bitter May, but I'll like it less in Minehead at the ATP Breeders curated weekend, which promises to be a rain fest all the way to Sunday, and I already have an annoying blurry tiring cold in my head. That's ATP as in All Tomorrow's Parties by the way, not the energy molecule.

Many thanks to Jacqueline Sell and Dorothy Stringer School library. The price of your copies of King Death's Garden has been donated to the AI campaign for freedom of the press in Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, I have no more spare copies of this title.

The downloads: you're welcome, Ben. Midnight Lamp coming real soon.

Reading: Robert Conquest's The Terror; still following the Shostakovich trail.
And The Price Of Spring, Daniel Abraham, which finally landed last week.

Work related: have finally signed off the PS Publishing collection "Grazing The Long Acre". Who knows, it may even go on sale this year. Or next. Have also finished Ann Halam Gothic, Grasshopper, at last!

What's that alternate image in the entry header? It's a detail from a photo of a poppy field, my friends.


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Ben Lund on :

Did you get a review copy of "The Price of Spring?" Lucky you--it won't show up here in the U.S. for a few months.

Ben Lund on :

Also, on the downloads, my niece reports reasonable success with the Kindle:

"I got the first two on my kindle. Re-formatting from .pdf is a little harder than for word documents, though, so the format is a little off... line breaks in weird places, etc., it isn't nearly as pretty as most books on kindle, but all the info's there.

Ms. Jones doesn't appear to offer the later books of the series on kindle, either, which is rather sad.. you can send an official request to the publisher to offer the book in kindle format through the amazon website, which I did for the 3 remaining books in the series, so we'll see."

Gwyneth on :

Free downloads of the rest of the series (nb, this is a new edit) coming soon. The .pdf format is a compromise, I know it's not ideal for kindle or other e-readers, but in compensation, the book comes to you absolutely free!

Gwyneth on :

Don't worry, I won't hand out any spoilers

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