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"Gwyneth Jones" free book downloads

Monday January 18th, a mild damp misty morning; birdsong

Just a brief post, to point out that the three Bold As Love novels I've re-edited and Spirit are now available permanently on this site, see under "Webpage Links". And remember, if you download one of my pdf books it is yours to keep , just as if you'd bought print and paper. I can't delete it from your kindle access, I can't decide I don't like chapter five or that I should make the ending more upbeat, dip into your text and change it.

I was quite interested in the kindle idea, until I found out about the breaking and entering aspect. Tuh. People are such sheep!

NB, should you be in Brighton tomorrow and free at lunchtime, you could come along to the Chapel Royal, North St., where Gabriel is playing a recital. Here's the details. The Bach is the Prelude and Fugue in E flat minor from Book I


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Guillaume on :

Hi, I heard about Spirit and wanted to put it on my kindle, near "Le Comte de Montecristo" :-)

(really, it's one of the first book I put on it, but I'm not reading if).

Bur your link to get the file does not work anymore :-)

Gwyneth on :

I'm sorry, the Spirit file is down for revision. I should put a note on the page, thanks for the reminder

Guillaume on :

You're welcome.

Any idea when Spirit will be back ?

And thanks for writing books !

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