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The 1% Curtain

Wednesday 12th October, weather same as yesterday, less cloud, more blue, quiet skies, still very mild.

I haven't anything new to say today, but I just have to record that it really is uncanny, the way the Occupy Wall Street thing is not-reported. Not a peep. It's hard to believe your eyes. I keep thinking, despite the evidence, well these Boing Boing types, easily excited, its probably about ten people and a dog, a handful of college kids? There can't be much in it, or we'd be hearing about it, hey, if there was really even a little bit of a revolution brewing on the streets of the USA it would be somewhere on the bbc's front page. At least their World News front page. Surely?

What on earth's going on?

I don't know. My pet profiteers' Think Tank mailing from The Daily Reckoning, took the trouble to trash the sans culottes this week, and they weren't bigging the thing up from friendly motives, believe me. On the other hand, that occupystream is, shall we say, charitably, not making a lot of sense. Oh, well. Nobody's been killed yet, no tanks deployed. Maybe the news media just sincerely aren't interested.