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Oh, Mister Punch! (Violence is Childish)

Friday 14th October, chilly morning, quiet skies, cloud lifting to sunshine.

Last night Occupy Wall Street finally made it to the BBC ten o' clock news, and was given the BBC's mild seal of approval. Now what? Will Obama realise that these dignified, articulate small groups are the best friends his failing Presidency could hope to have, and try to win them over? Or is it far too late for that? I shouldn't have called them sans culottes, by the way, although The Daily Reckoning certainly did. Sans culottes means rabid mobs (probably not wearing any pants), although it shouldn't. Back in 1789 it simply meant the 99%; it meant, if you were a man, you had no call and no desire to wear the breeches and silk stockings that were de rigueur for court dress... But anyway, irritated by my ignorance, I had already tracked down the Mainstream Media coverage, yesterday afternoon. Ah, they're equating Occupy with the Tea Party! As in, compare and contrast, these two movements, they both want to bring the government down, you can hardly tell them apart, they must be twins... Ingenious move, very.

Folk Art: Went to see Paddy Considine's Tyrannosaur on Monday night, thought it was good not great. Sincere, but childish, crude not in a bad way, but like a child's drawing... Olivia Coleman was great, no question, but I kept noticing how Eddie Marsan, as the abusive husband, was always weirdly lit, curved nose, curved chin, bulging cheeks, to look like a Mr Punch puppet, and whether this was intended or not, it seemed to fit the case. Gabriel, who had very high hopes of this movie, was also muted in his response, having happened to watch Fear Eats The Soul earlier the same day. Which is not really fair, since Fear is a work of genius, but I'm glad he's making these distinctions.

I thought Shane Meadows Dead Man's Shoes was equally limited, by its too-sentimental view of the protagonist. But there are exceptions, there's real class in this Northern Soul (okay, "Northern" in spirit) genre. A Room For Romeo Brass ; London To Brighton; absolute stand-outs.

Watching and Partly watching: I'm still watching Ringer, just because I like Sarah Michelle Gellar and she's always watchable, even though a) I don't like twin stories, and this one certainly isnt' convincing me to change my mind, and b) the Manhattan Rich Folk setting is getting on my nerves I keep seeing them ballooned out with blubber, it's all Adam Roberts's fault.

Also watching and partly watching Hidden, the Philip Glenister vehicle tv thriller. I suspect made by someone who admires and has studied Edge Of Darkness, and David Suchet adds gravitas, but what's it all about? It's like, someone thought to self, London riots, corrupt PM, got to be a story in there, and then forgot to make up the story.

I think my taste for fantasy gaming has spoiled me for these run around and panic shows. I'd rather be Link, and run around and panic under my own steam.